I'm Cydnei Chyan and Cydnei Chyan is me. Although Atlanta raised me Indiana was my birth place. I started singing when I was 8 and it stuck with me ever since. I was always inspired by the singers that I
heard, and I always thought to myself that I could be just as good as them or even better. My favorites were Beyonce, Adele, & Keke Wyatt. So in each of my songs I try to pull a little bit of them out of me. Growing up with just my mom, she listened to a lot of rap and that influenced me just as much. I love the way rappers never filter what they're saying and I try to have that same raw emotion in my music. I feel that as women, we are expected to sugar coat things, but music is where I take the sugar off.

My family plays a big role in my career, and they are the reason I keep going. My little brother was born one pound and seven ounces, and wasn't supposed to make it passed his first day, but hes thirteen now. I always know that I have someone depending on me. He loves my music just as much as he loves me and that means a lot. My ultimate goal is to make sure that my music and my voice has just as much of an impact on every one else as it does on me. I honestly believe that my music can change and inspire those around the world just like me and opposite of me, so I'm aiming for greatness for me and everyone around me. I have released two projects in 2018. First project was THE BLUEP that I released in April 2018. The second project I released is called FEELNGS that I released October 2018. I am working on a new project that should release soon. So STAY TUNED. I hope you enjoyed the site loves.